Mission Action Plan (Download)


This Mission Action Plan (MAP) seeks to outline the mission of Walmer Parish Churches for the next 3-5 years. It is based on continuing our existing mission as well as developing the 7 priorities identified by the Parochial Church Council (PCC) after consultation with members of the churches. The 7 priorities are

Encouraging new Christians (esp. young families)
Improving welcome at services
Opening up our church buildings
Developing pastoral care
Meeting our financial responsibilities
Exploring community links
Building our social activity

The MAP is in 4 sections:
1. Open Lives - loving God
2. Open Hands - loving one another
3. Open Churches - loving our neighbour
4. Resourcing - People, buildings and money

Each section is subdivided asking:
Where are we now?
Where are we going?

Walmer Parish Churches seek to follow Christ’s commands to love God, one another, and our neighbour by,

Our Mission

Each section is subdivided asking:
opening our lives to God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, for worship, witness and renewal
opening our hands to each other for service
opening our churches to the community for welcome

We recognise that this is a life-long pilgrimage marked by prayer, discipline and sacrifice. As we journey with one another on the way we want to see our churches grow in spirituality, in ministry, and in numbers.

We are committed to work towards the goals in this MAP in partnership with others. These include,
The Downs Church of England Primary School
Deal Area Churches Together
'Cluster' parishes - Kingsdown, Ringwould, Ripple and Sutton
The Church of England churches of the Sandwich Deanery
The Diocese of Canterbury
Local government
English Heritage
Royal School of Church Music

To view a copy of our full Mission Action plan you can download it, click to Download