Blessed Mary of Walmer

Church Street, Walmer, Deal, Kent, CT14 7RX

BMW was Walmer's original parish church built around 1120. At first it was a private chapel of the d'Auberville family who lived in the adjacent moated 'Walmer Court'. The church was built inside the moated area.

For centuries BMW was administered from Langdon Abbey which had been founded by the d'Auberville family. The abbots appointed one of the monks as priest to Walmer. After the dissolution of the monasteries during the reformation the church became the responsibility of the Archbishop of Canterbury who subsequently appointed the vicar.

By the end of the 18th century Walmer had grown considerably and the church was not big enough for all who attended services there. By 1826 the church had been enlarged by extending to the north. During some of this time the Duke of Wellington was Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports and was a regular member of the congregation.

However, by the mid 19th century, with further population growth to the north of Walmer nearer the sea, the church had become too small and poorly located. Hence the building of St Saviour's and new St Mary's