St Mary's

St Mary's Road, Walmer, Deal, Kent, CT14 7QA

As time went on Blessed Mary of Walmer church became unsuitable and inconvenient for the growing population of upper Walmer. For some 20 or so years efforts were made to raise funds to build a new church. Due to the generosity of several local families the architect Arthur Blomfield was appointed to design and build a new church.

The foundation stone of the new building was laid in 1887 and the church completed a year later, dedicated by Archbishop Benson on April 5th 1888. The tower, with a peal of eight bells, wasn't built until 1893 and has been left unfinished without it's originally intended spire.

St Mary's is a fine example of Victorian Gothic revivalism in the so-called 'Decorated' style. The main fabric of the building, built of Kentish Rag with Bath stone, is unchanged since it was built. The splendid reredos, of opus sectile (a painted glass mosaic) is a fine example of late Victorian craftsmanship.