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Mon 10th


Rogation Day

Tues 11th


Rogation Day

Wed 12th


Rogation Day



Said Eucharist in St Saviour’s



Study Groups via Zoom

Thurs 13th


Ascension Day



Said Eucharist in St Mary’s, St Clare Rd



Study Group via Zoom

Fri 14th


Matthias the Apostle

Sat 15th



Sun 16th

Easter 7

8.00am Said Eucharist in St M’s, Said Eucharist 9.30am in St M’s (Also via Zoom) & 11.00am St S’s. 11am Download service via Zoom.  (Zoom links available on church website)


Readings next week

8.00: 1 Pet. 4.7-11/John 15.26-16.4a

9.30/11.00: Acts 1.15-17, 21-26/John 17.6-19

Mon 17th



Tues 18th



Wed 19th


Dunstan, Archbishop of Canterbury, Restorer of Monastic Life, 988



Said Eucharist in St Saviour’s



Study Groups via Zoom

Thurs 20th


Alcuin of York, Deacon, Abbot of Tours, 804



Said Eucharist in St Mary’s, St Clare Rd



Study Group via Zoom

Fri 21st


Helena, Protector of the Holy Places, 330

Sat 22nd



Sun 23rd


8.00am Private Prayer in St M’s, Said Eucharist 9.30am in St M’s (Also via Zoom) & 11.00am St S’s. 11am Download service via Zoom.  (Zoom links available on church website)


Readings next week

8.00: Acts 2.1-11/John 14.15-31a

9.30/11.00: Acts 2.1-21/John 15.26-27; 16.4b-15

Opening Our Churches 

This week our churches will be open as follows:

St Mary’s Walmer:  Sunday 8.00am Said Eucharist & 9.30am Said Eucharist (N.B. this service is also being webcast - see link above).

St Saviour’s, WalmerSunday 11.00am Said Eucharist; Wednesday 10.30am Said Eucharist

Blessed Mary of Walmer will remain closed for the time being. 

Please observe the ‘HANDS, FACE, SPACE’ restrictions signposted in the churches at all times

Audio services and Sunday service sheets will continue to be available - please click here.


Our 11.00am Download service is continuing via Zoom.  Please use the link at the top of the page to access the service.

We also have weekday study groups via Zoom.  Please contact the parish office should you wish to join us.

Bereavement Support Group 

We would like to better support anyone who has experienced loss, grief or bereavement of any sort in the parish and are thinking of setting up a befriender’s ‘WhatsApp’ list for urgent or emergency requests for prayer or support, and a regular monthly or 6 weekly Zoom meeting with discussion on a specific topic, a guest speaker, or simply to talk and support one another. If you would like to be involved either as a helper and befriender, or simply to join the group because you would value some support from others, please email Steve O’Connor on send a text to 07921 313 869 with your name, mobile phone number and email address (if you have one) for the WhatsApp and Zoom group, or leave a message on the answerphone at Elizabeth House 01304 366605. It will not provide bereavement counselling per se, but acknowledges that there may be a lot of people who would value chance to chat and share with others their experience of loss, grief, or bereavement at this time and know that others are supporting and praying for them.

Rev’d Steve.alme

Seth’s Sabbatical - June-August

 You may have heard that I will be taking a sabbatical during June and July and will be back in the benefice by mid-August. As a vicar in the Canterbury diocese I have a regular review and at last year’s review the possibility of a sabbatical was mentioned to follow up the leadership programme I was part of from 2018-2020 that particularly focussed on rural churches. The programme was intended to help with the creation and development of the new Walmer and Cornilo Benefice and the added responsibility for the village churches. 

I have spent a few months planning it and our parish clergy, wardens and PCC members were kept informed of progress. The sabbatical was approved by the bishop earlier this year. 

The aim of the sabbatical is to research some rural church projects and strategies, mainly Anglican but hopefully some other denominations as well; to liaise with the Church of England’s National Rural Officer and the Arthur Rank Centre for Rural Christianity; to look at one or more diocesan strategy, and maybe to get a feel for how rural church mission is handled in the contexts of other countries. Of course, travelling and visits will still be limited so I will be remaining in Walmer for most of the time – and getting ‘Zoomed out’ no doubt…!!! I will write a report or summary of my research and hope that it may be able to inform any Canterbury diocesan rural strategy, and help deaneries and local churches.

During the sabbatical I will not be doing any ministry in the benefice. The churchwardens will have the primary responsibility for the churches – and thanks to Liz, Jane, Richard, and Patrick for taking this on; likewise worship services have all been covered and my thanks go to Carolyn, Steve and our retired clergy, Malcolm our Reader, and other lay ministers for all their help with this. Carolyn will keep an eye on pastoral care and we have good pastoral networks across the churches. Elaine will continue to run the benefice office. 

The sabbatical will be partially funded (in terms of travel and accommodation expenses) by the diocese. Usually the diocese would expect the parishes to contribute to some of the costs but, in these difficult times, I feel it isn’t right to ask the parishes for help. A couple of people have already offered me some financial support and if you would also like to help then please do contact me. 

Thank you to the many of you who have already expressed your support and encouragement as I prepare for this sabbatical. I look forward to returning in August refreshed, with a renewed energy to continue serving you, the churches, and our local communities.  Seth   

Thank You Note - Thank you to my friends at St. Saviour's for the very generous gift I received in appreciation of my time as Deputy Warden.  How very kind of them.  I now have the great pleasure of finding something special to be a reminder of St. Saviour's.  Once again thank you all.  Trish Binsted

Facilitating our services at St. Saviour’s 

As we gear up to returning to a more ‘normal’ church life, I’d like to offer St. Saviour’s attendees the opportunity of participating more in services as: Sidesperson, Welcomer, Chalicer for Communion, Server at Communion, Verger, Prayer Intercessor, Lesson Reader, Pastoral Care Team Member/Visitor, Prayer Ministry at the end of services, Sherry Host, Flower Arranging, Cleaning, Gardening, Organising Rotas or anything else you would like to do.  


Some of our former facilitators have stepped back and we have spaces to fill.  Please let me know if you are interested, even if you are only ‘thinking about it’ and we can have a discussion. 07563392515  - Jane Lopacka, Churchwarden.

Church Finances

Thank you so much for your generous donations to church funds.  Donations can be made by cheque, payable to ‘Walmer PCC’ or direct to our bank account

Bank details: 

Account name: Walmer PCC 

Sort code: 52-30-23

Account No:  61236985

Please mark your transaction ‘Donation’

Thank you ever so much. Seth.

Pastoral Care - If you know of someone who is ill or housebound, please speak to the ministers, wardens or parish office and we can arrange to make contact with them.  Also, please feel free to pass on a copy of this news-sheet to neighbours or friends who might be interested in it.

KENT TOGETHER – Helpline launched by Kent County Council

A 24 hour helpline has been set up to support vulnerable people in Kent who need urgent help, supplies or medication.The helpline – called Kent Together – provides a single, convenient point of contact for anyone in the county who is in urgent need of help during the Coronavirus outbreak. It is a collaboration between KCC, central Government, District, Borough and local councils, the voluntary and community sector, the NHS, emergency services and other partners to ensure help is at hand for vulnerable people.It is also the place to report your concerns about the welfare of someone else.You can telephone: 03000 419292 for help or go online using the link below.

Kent Together - click here

Rural Roundup - Please click here to read the latest edition