Christenings or Baptisms

Christian baptism publicly proclaims that someone is in a living relationship with God, through Jesus Christ, and has become a member of the Christian Church.

It is often referred to as a sacrament of the Church. This means that it is an outward sign (using water to cleanse and oil to bless) of an inward God-given blessing.

In the baptism service you and your godparents will proclaim an understanding of the Christian faith on behalf of your child, and promise to bring them up as a Christian in the life of the Church.

To help you understand baptism and what it means for your family you will be invited to our preparation sessions (see below). There is also a hope that families not already involved with the churches will begin to attend church

Preparing for Baptism

Following your enquiry someone from the church will visit you to explain things and start the process.

You will be given the opportunity to attend a couple of preparation sessions each lasting about an hour. These may be in your own home or in church, possibly with other parents also exploring baptism for their child.

The first of these is a simple introduction to the basics of the Christian faith and a little about living the Christian life. This will help you to understand the promises you will make. The second will be about baptism itself including a run through of the service. Then, a week or two before the baptism, there will be some prayers of thanksgiving for the birth of your child on a Sunday when you are in church. The certificate of Baptism will be presented at a Sunday service after the baptism. This will help to introduce you to the wider congregation.